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Hi, These are the little collection of my takes and misses. Somehow, seeking out to capture, or rather set free the bizarre dance of oceans, faces, streets, bodies, colours and movements, I have begun to see that every take I've attempted is a miss in some way and every miss, a take. Perhaps in these misses, you will find some of my takes on light, darkness, art, beauty, fear and life itself. If you miss it, it will still be a take.

At some point, I realised that what I loved most was to be swept into the eternally swimming kaleidoscope of sights. Since then, every role has been an excuse to be drawn further into It. Art Graduate. Illustrator. Graphic Designer. Advertising Art Director. Light Boy. Cinematographer. Editor. Animator. Typographer. Photographer. Painter. Theatre Actor. Jobless Tramp or Music Student. Every place became a playground. Chennai. Kochi. Palakkad. Singapore. Australia. Calcutta. Varanasi. London. Mumbai.

Hounder through the red streets of Calcutta, beaten black and blue in Varanasi, bundled out of swank offices, screamed at in Breathtaking Bollywood sets, locked into penniless projects and pushed beyond the limits. I have somehow managed to keep my eyes on my take. Always the one man, zero budget, poverty Prone, semi-starved beard grower. And here’s what I have to show for this. A smorgasbord of Curious stories. TV Commercials. Short Films. Documentaries. Cinematography Explorations. Paintings. Fine Art Photography Projects. Illustrations. Typography Experiments. Graphic Designs. Brand Identities. Medium, rare, done, overdone, half done, even undone. In Different patterns, strokes, frames and pages. Dig right in. And if you like anything. Do pong me a ping.

Swaroop Sankar
(Filmmaker, Photographer -Based out of Mumbai)

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